We got many questions about the scientology hate websites

-Who got such a scientology hate websites and what happened to them later on


Aaron Smith-Levin have we already written about .... and he is still not on the first place & owning his own name. Websites from Church of Scientology is in the first place thanks to this little man

David Miscavige

David Miscavige responsible for the Scientology hate website's that just backstabbing the former members into the church of Scinetology

Clarie Headley

Clarie Headley does not seems to have got a scientology hate website of her own but shares one with her husband Marc Headley MarcHeadley.Com redirects directly to http://modesystems.com/ but is in itself a nice stronger one of the personal websites that the ex scientologist has made themselves.

Scientology images of Ex Scinetologists

Marc Headley  Got a Scientology Hate website and is author of the book Blown for good about his time as a Scientologist in Scientology - here we dramatize the pictures of the images Scientology have as they tend to appear in any high level Scientologist that just left Scientology and spoken out. All of a sudden you can be a devil or.... whatever. Hooker prostituted thief or into general criminality beating your children and/or wife. Or just Criticizing because of you are doing this for the money involved in it.... (`?) -...

Scientology hate website name and location whoismarcheadleycom

Marc Headleys real website has a good perfect name Marcheadley.com and is resending to Marc Headley's company

Blown For Good  MarcHeadley

Author of the book Blown for Good

Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology

About how he got out of the church of Scientology Gold Base in Hemmet


Scientology Anonymous

Scientology hate-sites even following Anonymous demonstrations against Scientology by carefully photographing the demonstrations and on this image they say they have identified a Marc Headley. Who Knows about that, but this shows the very fundamental needs of anonymous and that Scientology have a engram towards critics that cannot be cured by Dianetics or Scientology by L Ron Hubbard, it is actually the other way around - it is caused by Dianetics, Scientology and its founder L Ron Hubbard. And he is dead so it cannot change.

Scientology letter & Signs in meaning

L Ron Hubbard Dianetics & Scientology and how every signs of meaning bends and bends until it forms in the mold to folding the molds of the tunnelsight of the needle ... point in G - the fractal in G .. Religin? Church? Or just a crime syndicate that can not take critics?


Leah Remini

Leah Remini Scientology Aftermath
Scientology hate site name and location  LeahReminiAftermathcom

Scientology Documentar + some Leah remini Scientology and the aftermath at Scientology LRH Dailymotion

Mike Rinder ScinetologyMike Rinder Scinetology
Mike Rinder
Scientology hate site name and location  WhoIsMichaelRindercom - just the ordinary Scientology hate website - even mentioned in several places as the Scientology Stalker websites, that's because they also tend to publicize images from ex Scientologists visiting completely remote location, meaning that this might been a stalking activity going on behind the history and the genesis of that very photo.

Amy Scobee Scientology hate site name and location WhoIsAmyScobeecom

Tom DeVocht Scientology hate site name and location WhoIsTomDeVochtcom

Jeff Hawkins Scientology hate site name and location WhoIsJeffHawkinscom

Aaron Smith-Levin

Leah Remini Aftermath Aaron SmithLevin
Scientology hate site name and location Aaronsmithlevincom a better one is here Aaron Smith-Levin https://aaronsmithlevin.wordpress.com/2017/12/26/aaron-smith-levin-on-aaronsmith-levin/Leah Remini Scientology aftermath fractal in G

Leah Remini Scientology aftermath fractal in G

Human Trafficking by the Us Church of Scientology From Russia to America / From Freedom to Slavery by Steven Lee Douglas

Human Trafficking by the Us Church of Scientology: From Russia to America / From Freedom to Slavery by Steven Lee Douglas




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