Scientology face and interface in reality

and the way they look at you when you left - from a top Scientologist to the bottom of endless criminality against mankind and society.

Scientology sign

Scientology type & typeface of Scientology in it's Cognitive behaviorism. There is almost no limit how a sign can bend to fit in the typography of the practice in daily Scientology. Totally limitless bending of sign art and meaning, ethics is Scientology is like nothing else...


aaronsmithlevin dog disconnected

The Disconnection

Rips family's that has been into Scientology apart of on person stays in. That animal magnetism of hypnotic rules to not blow the balloney of the tunnel.sights goes even in flashing animal kingdom to. Look at Goliath the dear dog of Aaron Smith-Levin and his wife Heather Smith-Levin. Goliath has to be disconnected to, but in the beginning was it hard for the former neighbor to disconnect from the dog

aaronsmith-levin dog

-Because the dog would not understand the disconnection...

But the child, and the parents in disconnected families seems to understand. At least from the Anesthetic nodding of the tunnel-sights of Scientology.

and the way they look at you when you left - from a top Scientologist to the bottom of endless criminality against mankind and society.


To this day there are no visible sign that this dog, Goliath of Clearwater Florida, Living with Heather Smith-Levin and Aaron Smith-Levin has been hurt by this emotional blackmail of trying to keep the animal magnetism into the tunnel-sight of Scientology. Trying to find the lines that makes a person ugly and shamefull to be with, that the oddly strange Commercial hate websites of Scientology - Commercial because it works to keep people in, believing the business of scinetology.

Aaron Smith-Levin Clearwater

Scientology ex Scientologist Aaron Smith-Levin today lives with his wife Heather and dog Goliath and their children happily in Clearwater Florida. And every image trying to find the lines that really is not there in reality, might belong to the hate websites of Scientology or anyone who mirrors their mirror without spreading their crap.

But Hey you might even see some parts of the projectors light and dark spots in what they are doing. The business of Scientology that for commercial reasons love to baptize itself as a church.


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Donna WilliamsonCan the dog not dissengage from alien loonballs in Scientology? May a dog brain is the only brain on the same wavelength as a scientology? Stay strong and I hope you get to meet friends and family when the see the light and have the sense to leave the cult from helk2018-03-23 23:47

Here are some of the highly popular parts of south-park (highly unpopular into the cult of scientology)


South Park Scientology Animated the animal magnetism - Self hypnosis without an operator on place


Maps Scientology Bases Secret and non secret, well most are known by now. Scientology the aftermath Leah Remini playlist


david Miscavige

David Miscavige in one of the few public performance

Google earth Maps bridge

Google earth with satellite images from under the bridge are always interesting in some ways, right..

Takes some angle and really is it even possible? or an extrapolation of the known value


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