Scientology business consultants or consults in WISE as a group of organized business consultants. From one field to another. Performia, U-Man. U-man testing,  ABLE, or any other member of the WISE organization. The general sign of these organization is in the scientology thinking

-And SP or and "Suppressive Person" that in a magical way can explain it all, when it comes to problems


SP the suppressive person is one of the magical bullets that might explain ... the directors bad decisions by bad influences. Admit it is practical stuff to anyone that does lack errors in body and soul.

David Miscavige with Rohit Sharma

David Miscavige with Rohit Sharma

And the son of Rohit who write a petition against that Leah Remini Scientology the aftermath. Scientology and Scientologist really hate critics and tries to destroy critics just as any deeper book about scientology tends to come with severe attacks on the authors.

Paulette Cooper The Book Scientologist don't want you to se or read


hi everyone, welcome back to growing up in Scientology we're going to do a livestream here and give people a few minutes to come on board here but tonight's episode of Scientology in the aftermath well tonight's it today's Sunday so it's unusual for them to air something on Sunday instead of

Tuesday but last Tuesday was the season finale because it was technically the last master interview episode that was shot three more specials to air the first of which is airing tonight I have absolutely no idea why they're airing in episode five days after the last one but that's what they're doing hello in Scotland oh sorry there hello in Barcelona hello in Oklahoma, so tonight's episode is going to be about Scientology's front groups these are Scientologists we call them the social betterment activities and what else can I say about them they're basically the forward facing the public facing organizations that Scientology has created to handle various sectors of society before I go on further let me just post the link to this in a couple groups.


There we go almost done I think I'm one of the Twitter accounts that gets to use a two hundred and eighty characters instead of like I can type so much right now it's it's weird alright okay back to social betterment activities so you know they have like criminal which is the Scientology organization that they believe is going to resolve criminality by introducing Scientology to all the prisoners Narconon which Scientologists believe will handle all drug addiction in the world a more recent one is the youth for human rights organization that is relatively new that has not been around as long as all the other ones you've got the way to happiness foundation you have applied scholastics association for better living and education under what under that umbrella you also have applied scholastics these kind of things these are these organizations exist some of them exist just to try and get Scientology well-known in well thought of in society and some of those organizations exist specifically to funnel people into Scientology and wise the world Institute of Scientology enterprises is the one I'm going to talk about today wise exists solely for the purpose of introducing professionals upper middle class wealthy professionals into Scientology and it does it through business consulting organizations one of which was I worked at and was my first job out of the Sea Org and I'm almost positive that wise is going to be talked about tonight and so I wanted to tell a story I wanted to tell my experience working at a wise company and how the organization was set up to get people into Scientology even though it is worth saying that many of the staff members at the organization I worked at we're not cool with this idea that these people that were being brought in we were just bringing them in as an excuse to get them into Scientology in fact a lot of these staff members at these wise consulting groups are former staff members and seer members and some of them wanted to get away from that business of having to get people into Scientology and didn't understand that when they were joining staff at these consulting groups that that is essentially what they were doing I was definitely one of the people that was in that bucket where even when I was in these Org I didn't like having to get people into Scientology and not only did I not like it I didn't do it it was never my job to sell people on Scientology it was never my job to bring in new people and take people's money my job was only delivering the services that people had bought my so my my old view on it the whole time I was in the Sea-Org and even on staff was if someone sold this to you and you bought it and I’ll deliver it to you I was you know yeah I think I've made my point and so I remember there was one staff meeting well start from the beginnings the organization that I worked at is located right here in Clearwater Florida where I live it’s called measurable solutions Google them at the time that I started working there was the second half of they were doing really well and they were geared specifically to physical therapists


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Lron Hubbards dreams about Bruno and Dogma prediction in the crystal bulletin & Scientology hate websites - photoshoped in text and image


so these consulting companies targets professions where professions where you end up having to go out and be an independent practitioner so like chiropractors dentists physical therapists financial advisers you’ll notice they do not have an organization set up to target medical doctors so they’re targeting these professions where you have to go to school for a long time in order to learn your trade and you go out and you open up your own business but you actually haven't gone to school for business so to some degree you have no idea how to start a business or manage a business or manage staff or policies and procedures and all this kind of stuff so the way measurable solutions was set up is it had two founding partners and one of which was Jeff Lee whose experience had only been Scientology he was an expert in Scientology business practices if you will and the other partner was Shaun Kirk who had no experience working in Scientology as staff member or a seer member but he waste physical therapist and Shaun Kirk himself had been introduced to Scientology through a business consultant who helped him as a as a physical therapist who owned his own private practice helped him with his business it is possible to wade through the nonsense that is Hubbard administrative technology and take helpful things from it that can actually help your business particularly.

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If you have no idea what you're doing otherwise and and so Shaun Kirk and Jeff Lee got together and created a company measurable solutions and heavily-heavily heavily marketed to physical therapists like if you pull up the journal is that a PTA if you pull up the journal that for the National Association of physical therapists I don’t know if that's what it's called but you know what I mean whatever the National Association is if they're still doing their thing you will absolutely see the ad for measurable solutions prominently placed in every edition of the journal so when I was there I mean since since I have since I left there I know they have branched off business started taper started to wane from the physical therapy field and they branched off into marketing to financial advisers but when I was there was still strictly physical therapists and here's what they do they put together an introductory course and it was called how to get new patients it was called the new patient course and every physical therapists going into practice for themselves forth first time thinks that their biggest problem is getting new patients they goof I can get new patients I'll have thriving business and if I can't get new patients I won't so Sean and Kirk know this was the top button based on survey that that worried physical therapists that are going into business for themselves for the first time so they heavily heavily heavily market this introductory course I think relatively inexpensive you come down to Clearwater Florida

L Ron Hubbard philosophy

and you study it's a three day course on how to get new patients so when you come to the new patient course you get the first few hours is a briefing from either Sean or Jeff and they tell you right up front they say you think your problem is how to get new patients that's not your problem but you think it is and because you think it is we’re going to give you this course and once you do this course you'll learn how to get new patients take go back home apply our suggestions for basically marketing to doctors to own how to refer you patients and once you've got all the new patients you can handle and you realize that you're more screwed now than you were before because you don’t know what to do with all these patients you don't know how to manage any of this stuff then come back and we'll give you what you really need which is to learn how to manage a business so so here’s what Wise has done to create these course packs wise is the world Institute of Scientology enterprises it is an organization underneath hope I'm getting this right the Association for better living and education and able is the acronym for that is there was a time when it was exclusively staffed by Sea Org members for legal reasons they might have moved it at arm's length it might be staffed by non-Sea Org Scientologists now I can’t swear to it but it is a Scientology organization and if in itself is not staffed by Sea Org members then it reports to an organization that is staffed by Sea Org members they have taken the Hubbard administrative technology which is called the green volumes depending on who you're talking to that it'll be called the OEC volumes the organization executive course volumes there's a volume for every division of the scientology or Grande then one two three four five six seven for the divisions of the org board and then there's other volumes that compile all the policies based on subject butte point is the green volumes or the policy volumes or the OAC volumes is everything Hubbard ever wrote regarding how to manage Scientology and Scientology organizations.

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Wise has taken those policy letters and stripped out almost all of the Scientology words and compiled them into course packs that are non-religious and they've they’ve done this so that they can sell and market and sell these course packs ton on Scientologists without having to get without having to get over the Scientology hurdle and that's exactly when I was working at measurable solutions they hired me as one of the business consultants fresh out of theSea Org and that's how I would explain it to my clients when they had the scientology question I wouldn't try toto soft-pedal it I would say oh no thesis absolutely from Scientology but no we’re not trying to turn you into a Scientologist otherwise we wouldn't we wouldn’t have taken all the Scientology out of these course packs like that ‘show I addressed it I said these green volumes on the shelf behind me I’m relatively knowledgeable in those volumes and that's why I'm your consultant but these course packs you ‘restudying all the Scientology's been taken out of it don't worry about it don't give a damn if you get into Scientology I'm not interested in that drama that's that's what I would tell them now that's not what my boss wanted me to be telling them but the only thing I was comfortable telling them okay so that answers the question of maybe okay why would these non-Scientologists business owners be interested in buying these course packs written by l Ron Hubbard on how to manage anything it’s because even though l Ron Hubbard's name was on the course pack there was no Scientology in these things at least no Scientology words obviously it’s Scientology concepts but not the Scientology words and so here's how this would work people would have varying degrees of success studying these course packs getting implementation checklists that were proprietary to measurable solutions going home and implementing this policy in their businesses varying degrees of success now this is where it gets interesting because to a certain extent the owners of measurable solutions did not care if if these people were successful implementing these courses in their businesses it would be helpful if they were successful because it makes it easier to get more money out of them in the future for more courses but even if they weren’t successful that was okay because the water-buses owners explained it to us in one particular staff meeting was they said we're not here to help them with their business we do not care if their businesses succeed we do not care if they make more money we care if they get into Scientology and it's only fair formed to point out that after that staff meeting maybe twenty thirty percent of the staff went to the owners and was like so I just want to make sure I got the memo because if what I heard is what you said and if what you said is what you meant I’m not going to be working here anymore I’m I didn't come to work here to get people into Scientology if I wanted to do that I would be on staff at a church of scientology so I’m just mentioning that because like well it's good to understand the dynamics that even though the owners of the business had this as the purpose of the business at the same time it wasn't true that everybody working there had that purpose and it created some conflict so here's how that would work if a business owner bought the first three courses and they went back and it was okay but it wasn't great they would maybe buy the next three hoping that the next three was the magical stuff because a lot of these guys who would sign up for these courses would only do so after speaking with like four or five other no Scientologists physical therapists who would attest and say oh yeah man this is great stuff it's helped me boom my business they didn't harass me about Scientology now of course those people were getting referral fees for being references for saying that to the new prospective client so you know money is inserting itself into every part of this equation okay so this new perspective client has already heard from many people that these courses are magic and help them boom their business and all that stuff and it didn't get her asked

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about ....Scientology so they signup and these courses are expensive it's like grand for three courses it's basically ten grand per course and measurable solutions sold at you the three pack the six pack the nine pack the nine pack was the whole shebang and you could buy it in segments but it was cheaper if you bought it all at once so some people would buy the three pack and they’d go okay that was okay but it wasn’t great I want what these other guys said that they got so they'd buy the next by the six-pack and then they go okay that was that was okay but it's not not great I'm still not achieving what I was hoping to achieve and so they'd buy the nine pack the remainder of the nine pack and then they'd go home and if that was like still not good this is how that this is the pitch they would get look we can only teach you the various policies and procedures to follow and how to work it but we can't do it for you and we can’t be in your head and we can’t handle all of the self-imposed or self-created problems that you’re probably creating on your own so if you’re having a problem in this part of the organization and you're having problem in this part of the organization and this part of the organization and your wife and your kids and your whatever the problem is probably you like we can only give you so much information and advice the problem is probably you and then Shaun Kirk would give them like the private talk and say look me personally I did all these courses as well and I implemented them and I had varying degrees of success but then I hit a ceiling there was this there was this glass ceiling I couldn’t couldn't get past a certain point I couldn’t get past this feeling of dissatisfaction or lack of accomplishment I wasn't happy and I couldn’t figure out what to do about it and it wasn't until I tried

WISE consultants in eastern countries

getting the Scientology auditing that it actually handled all those problems for me so why don’t you give it a shot why don't you just give it a shot and that is exactly how someone goes from flying down to Clearwater to go to measurable solutions to take an introductory course on how to get new patients for their practice to studying a bunch of courses that have to do with l Ron Hubbard and you know you start to get this idea that you know we trust our Ron Hubbard around Hubbard says stuff people follow it it works for lots of people I don't know why it doesn’t work for me but it seems to be working for everyone else why doesn't it work for me and then eventually they get like the closed-door private briefing you know what really helped me solve my problems with the auditing everything else could only take me so faros that measurable solutions would refer this guy who clearly is doing relatively well in life because he could afford to pay $ ,for these courses and you know this is another funny thing Weis charges these professionals so much more money to do these courses than even the Church of Scientology would charge like times more so and the wise company measurable solutions the wise consulting company is paying the church a % commission on every dollar they make oh so I was saying yeah so you're dealing with professional who's already upper-middle-class he could afford to spend a hundred grand on some management courses for his business and he gets referred over to the church these are the clients the church loves the most these are the guys that fork over tons of cash for auditing they pay for the super power rundowns which is tens and tens of thousands of dollars they pay for the l rundowns which is fifty to a hundred grand depending on how long it takes you to do them these are the guys who aren't who are more interested in getting auditing and paying a lot of money for auditing then they really are in going into the course room and doing courses courses in Scientology are relatively cheap compared to the auditing and Scientology registrar’s love what they call professional pcs pace is the word for someone getting auditing in Scientology PC stands fore-clear and a professional PC is someone who that's all they do in Scientology they just sit back and pay for tons of auditing they're not interested in joining staff they're not interested in getting trained as an auditor they're just interested in sitting back and having it all done to them and having it all done for demands these businesses there's many of them in the field of Chiropractic is that a word chiropractic David singer is the number one consultant in the in the world of chiropractic I hope that's the right word to use and he's a Scientologist and has been for plus years the guy's probably gotten more people into Scientology than any other person MGE so you should google these David singer enterprises and Gestating at Marcos group enterprises they’re both located here in Clearwater is Marcos group in LA some of these are in LA some of you have have branches and Clearwater and branches in Measurable solutions open up a branching either

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Seattle or Portland I just don’t remember which and what are the other big ones for dentistry it's Methods guys focus on dentists singer focuses on chiropractors and measurable solutions focused spoke its’s on physical therapists and financial advisers and I just can't think of the other ones right now but what else is worth saying on this subject of the consultants OH once you refer that person to the church for auditing once measurable solutions would refer a professional to the church for auditing they are not measurable Solutions is now receiving a %commission on every dollar that person pays to the Church of Scientology so in the beginning you have measurable solutions paying the church ten or fifteen percent I just can't member which which which it is for the consulting companies paying the church ten or fifteen percent of all the money they make off these professionals and then it gets turned around to once you get the guy into Scientology the churches now paying you ten percent of all the money they pay to the church so I might pull up the chat and answer a few questions about this but I'm trying to keep this just I'm trying to keep this video relatively focused on just one subject so I can post this video as an answer to a question that comes up about wise but let me see what I got headlight where's the little chatty box there it is all right just going to look down this really quickly I do not know who Blair singer is okay lots of questions but I’m not seeing anything particularly about this exact subject alright nothing specifically got that I'm probably goniatite up right now so as far as people getting into Scientology who the hell is joining Scientology these days I believe there are still a lot of professionals I don’t know how to define a lot but these consulting companies still exist and they are still able to get people in the door because they're not having to sell them on Scientology to get them in Theodore are actually filling a real need when chiropractors and dentists and physical therapists start up their businesses they do feel they really need help oftentimes in building their organization and understanding what the hell to do so it's not that hard for these consulting companies to get those guys in the door once they get in the door they're able to meet other professionals who claim that this stuff is really as awesome as everyone says itis and don't worry you're not going tube harassed about Scientology so it’s easy to get them in the door and then they start meeting good people they start you know meeting people they like meeting people that feel normal even the people who work there aren't really secretive about being Scientologists so they’re able to interact with these Scientologists in a non-scientology setting and it all becomes very normal and then it becomes easier to make that turn and get them into Scientology so Instill believe that there's plenty of professionals that are probably getting into Scientology through the wise line the Nation of Islam is probably one of the biggest sources of people actually joining Scientology these days Louis Farrakhan has endorsed Dianetics and


Scientology tries to destroy critics

Paulette Cooper - Miss lovely that scientology tried to destroy -.She who wrote the books Scientology not want you to read. The Scandal of Scientology.


work for the church there's a lot of Russians and Venezuelans who get pitched that Scientology is this a wonderful American thing and if you want to comet America and work for Scientology we’ll get you a visa we can get you religious visas and they come over so you wind up with these foreigners not all foreigners but specifically Venezuela and Russia and I mentioned those because of the economies and and again I'm not an expert on Russia but it does seem like you're either rich or you’re poor it's not the rich rich Russians that are coming to join the sea

Scientology I know some people will say no he only endorsed Dianetics he didn't endorse Scientology that's bullshit Louis Farrakhan is making a nice chunk of change Louis Farrakhan or his organization is making a nice don't go change off every one of his members that he's sending over to Scientology and the Russians and the Venezuelans who are promised religious visas to come to the United States to

organization in the United States and in Venezuela the countries just falling apart and there's a lot the the the South American and Mexican Network and


Scientology is quite strong one Spanish or Spanish speaking or Mexican recruiter can go down to Mexico or Venezuela and come back with like ten Sea Org recruits it's unbelievable, so I know I might be oversimplifying it, but I think professionals like chiropractor’s dentists and physical therapist’s members of the Nation of Islam and various groups of Russians and Venezuelans are probably aiding the ninety percent of the people joining


Scientology and I think I've run out of things to say on this subject so that's

: all I've got for now I hope the show tonight I should be amazing I haven't seen it yet or anything, but I hope it's going to be awesome and if you have any questions throw it in the comment section below and I will address it and I'll talk to you guys soon bye

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Aaron Smith-Levin has been invited to speak about WISE ABLE and Scientology Business consultants.

Aaron on Aaron Smith-Levin Scientology growing up youtube channel

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Aaron Smith-Levin was invited and Aaron invited the ex Scientologist Mike Rinder - One of the highest defectors of the Scientology Organization.

Mike Rinder with Aaron Smith-Levin both above and below

Aaron Smith Levin & Mike Rinder

Aaron Smith-Levin & Mike Rinder

two famous ex scientology members or ex scientologists.

To the right some of the participants in Leah Remini Scientology the aftermath show. Clarie Headly, Marc Headly, Barbara Kahn with ,,,


Bruno Clearwater Florida

LRH Scientology-Dianetics-maps-way-to-Clearwater

Many of you, might have recognized Bruno the crystal bulletin prediction in Clearwater Florida as the Lucky Anchor watchdog leader and Scientology Surveillance cameras sniffer.

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